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FULE ExtremFULE ExtremFULE ExtremFULE ExtremFULE ExtremFULE ExtremFULE Extrem

FUEL Extrem 7000mAh case (iPhone 6/6s)


  • Backup Power Bank Case
  • For iPhone6/6s
  • Li-Polymer Battery
  • Capacity 7000mAh for iPhone6 and 6s
  • It`s sufficient for 3 times  0-100% charging
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Product Description

This product is a multifunctional power bank; 7000mAh high capacity rechargeable lithium battery built in, It can charge your iPhone 6/6S  at anytime anywhere, It is suitable for the stand by power supplies to travel, tourism, long distance business in car and ships, field work or power outage environments.


  • Cell type polymer lithium battery
  • input DC5V-1.0A
  • Output DC5V-1.0A (MAX)
  • Charging time 5/7 hours
  • Nominal Capacity: 7000mAh
  • Adaptable for: iPhone 6/6S
  • Product size (L x W x H): 140mm x 68mm x 12mm
  • Accessories: power case ,user manual

Cell Capacity:Original 7000 mAh polymer lithium battery,power your phone standby extend. Creative Design,enjoy your phone without removing the power case.

The Fule 7000 mAh Battery case has fully functional set of features including LED power level indicators so you can check power remaining at any time, and pass through syncing so that you don’t need to remove the battery to sync with iTunes.

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White, Black, Gold, Rose Red


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